Welcome to ProKia Cs Clan Website

Our Server has SuperHero MOD installed and offers hero selection of up to 20. LOW exp rate server so that nobody will be "GOD-LIKE" in just a few hours

Forum is up

Head Admin : Elemental Angel

Sub Admins : DarkAngel , Hp78 , Jasmine Tea

Update ver.01 - Monday , May 23rd

Forum is currently under construction. Please be patient
Sub Admins who still doesnt have their access , they will be getting it on Monday , 23rd of May
Server Rules will be updated regularly. Please check out

Notice Board

To become an Admin

These are the amount of money you need to pay to become an admin

1)Admin Chat Access -$5
2)Admin Vote Access -$5
3)Admin Kick Access -$5
4)Admin Ban Access -$5
5)Admin Slot Reservation -$5
6)Adnin Immunity -$10
7)Level Access -$10
8)Admin Menu Access -$10

Update ver.02

ProKia Mirc Channel is up. Click the Mirc Channel Link on the left

If you do not have mirc , please download it below

Singapore Mirc version 6.16
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